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NEW PCA SKIN® Pigment Correct Peel

Dismiss visible hyperpigmentation once and for all

Introducing A breakthrough innovation to address visible hyperpigmentation.

THE ONE FOR ALL. All skin tones. All types of visible hyperpigmentation.

Key Benefits

  • Results in as early as seven days post-treatment

  • Effective on all types of visible hyperpigmentation and all Fitzpatricks

  • Delivers up to 17% reduction in visible hyperpigmentation after just one treatment

  • No downtime

Multi-Acid Synergistic Technology

The benefits of PCA SKIN Multi-Acid Synergistic Technology vs. single acid formulas:

Multi-Acid Synergistic Technology (MAST) corrects and prevents visible hyperpigmentation,* including sun damage, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

  • Allows peeling agents to be combined at lower doses with the same efficacy.

  • It improves skin tolerance to the acid blend and is shown to have less irritation potential.

  • It allows the skin to naturally return to its average pH level, eliminating the need for a separate step to neutralize it. The skin’s buffering capacity allows it to restore its pH balance.

At-home daily care


Along with in-office care with PCA SKIN® Pigment Correct Peel, our daily care products are formulated to provide transformational results that easily incorporate into your at-home regimen to help correct visible hyperpigmentation.

  • Delivers a visibly dramatic reduction in the appearance

  • of visible hyperpigmentation

  • It helps fade the size and intensity of dark spots while

  • helping protect against the appearance of new dark spots

  • Effective against UV- and hormonally-induced

  • visible hyperpigmentation

  • Effective for all Fitzpatrick phototypes and skin types

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