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Yoni Steaming

Your womb and Steaming 

The womb is one of the most valuable because of the bounding of life appreciation allowing Birth. 
The womb is the most valuable because of life-appreciation bonding, which allows birth.
The womb is a place we sometimes have to go for the healing of many interconnected emotions and physical traumas. This is also where unhealthy practices can create problems with our cycle.
The importance of women’s sexual, vaginal, and womb health.

YONI Steaming can assist and benefit the womb.
The Benefits of steaming 

  • Steam may improve uterine function by increasing circulation.

  • Steam may increase the efficiency of the womb’s natural monthly cleanse known as menstruation.

  • Steam may reduce susceptibility to infections by draining out irregular discharge.

  • Steam may encourage the deep cleansing of external and internal tissue cells which assists in clearing impurities and contributing to the healthy regeneration of cells.

  • Steam may be an effective topical and local treatment for lower and upper reproductive organs.

  • Steam may increase qi or energy flow in the body.

  • Steam may encourage oxytocin release by stimulating triggers in the reproductive organs that communicate with the brain.

Steam is enjoyable! Come steam with me!



            $75 for 30 mins 
            $40 for 15 mins 

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